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Brian C Jensen on the influence of social media on mental health during the pandemic

Social media platforms have become indispensable as they have allowed people to connect through social distancing and dispense and spread vital information. So, suppose you were praising the apparent benefit of social media, the spread of information at lightning pace. In that case, you should also thank the ability to connect with your near and dear ones – according to Brian C Jensen; it is the very fact that allowed us to maintain our stress and anxiety levels within reason.

The matter is that even psychologists are recommending the use of social media outlets. To connect with not just your known people but build networks to discuss and talk out everyday issues. Society is poised at the cliff of a mass anxiety disorder pandemic, and the only way to come out of it despite. The recent happenings are through socializing. The ground on which we can gather around and collectively take care of the stress and tension.

The chemical effects of social media – Brian C Jensen

Social media usage reinforces its image and reuse. It is all about the release of the happy hormones; serotonin and dopamine. Quite similar to addiction processes, social media also activates these hormones in the brain. A recent research study revealed that around 70% of adults and 80% of the teenager population are hooked on social media networks.

A sense of “belonging” and a collective rejoice evidently. On social media when one gets accepted within a fraternity. It is all about boosting self-esteem, and it is what is vital in this day and age. But, unfortunately, there is a prevalent concept. In social media circles known as the FOMO or the fear of missing out. In the absence of the ability to connect with people on social media, depression can set in.

The truth is if you avoid social media, you will miss out on information and fast updates. In a dynamic situation, but one needs to exercise caution with social media. And, this brings us to the next.

Social media and the vulnerability

It is vital to understand the social media is unfiltered. There is no central regulation, and every piece of judgment, misinformation, vice is out in the open alongside all that is good. So, it is all about choosing while perusing. There are tons of data out there but what is more valuable is the innate ability to filter out the wheat-from-the-chaff. Without a filter, you will get dragged down into viewing distorted perspectives about realities and appearances.

Whichever way you look at it, there is information out there as much as the negatives. You need to constantly monitor your behavior to develop a better outlook free from social media influence. Distract yourself from the negative information and take professional help if you need to deal with social media-related anxiety and depression.

When it comes to consuming content on social media. It is vital to understand that there needs to be an effective strategy. For kids, parental supervision is critical in this digital age of zero regulations.