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Home » 4 Tips to Create Eye-Catching Direct Mails for Your Next Campaign – Brian C Jensen

4 Tips to Create Eye-Catching Direct Mails for Your Next Campaign – Brian C Jensen

The ever-changing algorithm of search engines makes it difficult for marketers to advertise online. Even social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook often don’t work in favor of reaching the target audience. When you’re fed up with trying all solutions with no practical results, the surefire way to connect. Your potential customers is by direct mail marketing like postcards. Direct mail marketing solutions provide higher response rates than paid search, emails, social media, and online display. This effective method has been around for a long and still creates the same impact on customers. Here, Brian C Jensen has shared a few tips on creating attractive and eye-catching direct mails for your next campaign.

1. Oversize mail

The bigger the size of a mail piece, the better it is for direct marketing. An oversized direct mail catches more attention than an average size mail piece. Besides, a bigger piece stands out than the pile of letters and postcards in the mailbox. Also, since the size of the mail is big, you get more space to implement creative designs or highlight the best offers. And, the best thing about an oversized mail piece is it fits under the budget, so you don’t have to spend much.

2. Bright colors

Bright colors are catchy; therefore, customers respond to colors more when it comes to marketing. When you know the correct use of colors that perfectly highlights. Your designs and texts, customers naturally get attracted and read your message. While creating designs, be sure to keep texts bold as they are easy to read. Instead of using a passive tone, go for an easily understandable active voice. As per Brian C Jensen, you need to make sure to use attention-grabbing words but don’t overdo them in an attempt to make the mail catchy. Try to keep the message short and clear.

3. Personalization

When we receive customized emails with our name, we feel that the marketer is directly speaking to us. So when you’re planning to reach your potential recipients, be sure to personalize it to create a connection and make the receiver take action based on the personalized mailer.

4. Multiple offers and coupons

Instead of keeping a single offer, consider adding a variety of offers that your customers will like to avail themselves of in the future. When you increase the number of coupons, customers are more likely to find offers that would compel them to make a purchase. Another advantage of multiple offers and coupons on direct mail pieces is the more you offer, the longer those pieces will stick around or get used by customers.

These were a few tips for direct mail marketing that help you reach customers and create an impression on their minds. Many services are offering direct mail services online, and you can directly contact them online. Hiring the most suitable company will help your business to get accelerated growth in no time. So, be careful while serving the companies or service providers.